Stop The Pigeons with Bird Control

Feral Pigeons are found in urban areas around the world and may also occur in rural situations, farms, gardens and outbuildings.  They typically nest on or within buildings, or other structures such as bridges and monuments.  Feral Pigeons breed all year round, they typically lay 2 eggs in each clutch and may have several broods per year, they feed on a wide variety of food waste but prefer cereals where available.

There are a number of problems with feral pigeons occupying your premises, these include danger from the fouling, in causing pavements and business entrances to become a slip hazard, plus the diseases the birds carry which can cause a health risk to personnel such as Psittacosis, Salmonella and E Coli, these can all be transferred onto your premises.  Fouling build up internally is extremely hazardous as the dust from the guano can cause respiratory diseases.

Feral Pigeons also carry bird mites, fleas and ticks, their nests will harbour these insects which can result in your premises being invaded by insect infestations.

Proofing Solutions

At Abington Pest Control we provide a full specialist service to help you deal with feral pigeons affecting your premises or home.  We can provide effective, bird deterrent systems to include:-

  • Netting:- We can supply and fit cost effective, polyethylene bird net systems in a range of sizes and colours (black, stone and translucent) to deflect feral pigeons from roosting on your premises and fouling and contaminating your buildings.
  • Spike Systems:- Abington Pest Control can provide various bird spike systems to prevent feral pigeons from roosting and nesting on ledges and sills on your premises. All spike systems are UV resistant and once secured will have a long lifespan.
  • Optical Bird Gels:- We can offer low profile solutions to prevent feral pigeons from roosting on your premises, optical bird gels are an alternative to netting and spike systems and are a discreet system.
  • Guano Clearance:- Abington Pest Control also carry out cleaning programmes and sanitisation of your premises within contaminated areas for guano clearance and pigeon debris removal, inclusive within this service is safe disposal of hazardous waste.

Please call us on Northampton 01604 636160 to discuss all your bird proofing, cleansing and deterrent needs, our expert professional service can be tailored to your requirements.

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Stop The Pigeons with Bird Control

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