How to tackle flies in your house

Now the Summer is fast approaching and the weather is warming up, you may see an increase in flies within your property.  The housefly is probably the most common species of fly you will find indoors.  These can be annoying when you are preparing food as they are known carriers of pathogens or diseases.

Last month we were called to a property for “thousands of flies” within a kitchen, the customer had tried everything, cleaning and bleaching around her sink, emptying cupboards and couldn’t understand where they were coming from.  Initially when we call out we like to make a positive ID of the flies, in order to progress with the correct treatment.  If we cannot identify them then we will send them off to our Technical Support Department to make a positive identification.

In this case the flies were drainage flies emerging from an outside blocked drain, flying through a vent within the kitchen during the night as the customer left her kitchen light on and the flies were attracted to the light, the flies were then congregating within her kitchen in the morning, part of pest control is also playing detective!

Abington Pest Control carried out cleaning, proofing and an insecticide spray treatment – job done and a satisfied customer!

Bluebottle or greenbottle flies are normally seen as the most common ‘pest’ in that they are associated with carriers of diseases due to the fact if you can see these type of flies in large numbers, it normally indicates a rodent or bird carcass is in the vicinity.  Plus large numbers of these types of flies emerge from a relatively small carcass, it can be very distressing for the customer.

We can provide a quick, efficient service to eradicate and prevent these type of flies, please call us on Northampton 01604 636160 for more assistance.

Abington Pest Control also provide assistance for the supply and installation of EFK and UVL machines within your premises, so should you be a catering outlet, manufacturing or even an office, these machines can be beneficial during the summer months, please call us with your requirements and we can tailor the service to suit your needs.

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