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We offer all of our customers a discreet and professional service as having pests invade your home or business is stressful enough without having the fact advertised.

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Abington Pest Control Ltd have over the past 25 years received continued loyalty from satisfied customers, our clients range from commercial premises, Schools, Restaurants, offices and hundreds of domestic premises.
Our initial training was carried out whilst employed by Northampton Borough Council over 25 years ago, we now carry out work for Northampton Borough Council and are Local Authority approved Contractors. We are strong supporters of the CRRU code of practice (Campaign for Responsible Rodenticide Use), Abington Pest Control continually receive and attend ongoing training in order for us to provide a high quality and professional pest control service, we also have professional support from our biological and chemical suppliers and our service is constantly reviewed/audited and improvements instigated.
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Feral pigeons can damage buildings and monuments by roosting and fouling on, or within the building. A build up of guano can erode the surface of stone work, gutters and drainpipes which may become blocked, leading to flooding and associated problems. Pavements and fire escapes may be unsafe because of the potential for slipping on droppings. Feral pigeons are a serious health risk pest, they carry a number of diseases such as psittacosis, as well as parasites such as ticks, fleas and bird mites. We can provide a professional service for all your pigeon deterrent and proofing needs, including culling programmes, bird spike and net systems.


Moles can damage gardens, parks, golf and bowling greens. The Mole is generally a solitary creature and lives almost entirely underground in a tunnel system, it has a lifespan of approx. 3 years. The Moles main food source is earthworms, slugs and insect larvae, they need to consume their own bodyweight in worms, etc, daily. One Mole can push up earth to create as many as 40 mole hills, causing damage to your lawn, they can also damage the roots of shrubs and plants whilst carrying out their tunneling. We can control and eradicate moles from your premises effectively, please call us for help and assistance.


Fleas are a common pest found within homes and workplaces. Fleas are carried by a number of animals, dogs, cats, rabbits, rats, mice, squirrels, foxes, etc and can be easily transported into your premises. Fleas need a blood meal to survive and therefore will feed off animals and humans and can survive for up to a year. Fleas can cause serious irritation to skin and in some cases the flea bites can become infected, needing medical attention. We can provide treatments to eradicate a flea infestation within your home or place of work with residual insecticides.

Bed Bugs

Bed Bugs are flat, oval insects about 5 mm long, they are a reddish brown in colour and cannot fly. Bed bugs only reside where you rest or sleep as they need a blood meal to survive, emerging once you have settled. Bed bugs bite and will feed from humans and pets, on humans the bites will appear almost anywhere but generally on the torso, hands, neck and face. Bed bugs can enter your premises via second hand furniture, luggage, guests staying over and once established an infestation will reside within bed frames, wardrobes, skirting boards, electrical sockets or any crack or crevice where they can hide. We can carry out a treatment quickly and effectively with insecticides, please call the office for further assistance.


The most common species found in UK homes is the German Cockroach, these are brown/black in colour and approx. 12-15 mm long. German Cockroaches are not indigenous to this country and are generally transported via luggage from warmer climates, ie, Spain, Africa, India, etc. An infestation of German Cockroaches will quickly establish, especially if there is an easily accessible food source. German Cockroaches are vectors of disease and bacteria, offspring from a single female in 12 months can be up to 1 million if conditions are ideal. We use the latest methods of control and can effectively eradicate infestations rapidly.

Black Ants

Black Ants can often invade the home during the Spring and Summer months, a typical ant colony can contain thousands of ants, if they enter the property this can be distressing. Black Ants are not vectors of disease, however, if they invade your kitchen store cupboards this can be unpleasant as they generally arrive in large numbers. Other ant species that can be found within the home are tropical ants, these are not native to this country and will only survive indoors, they are considerably smaller than black ants. Tropical ants tend to be gold in colour, the three common species found in the UK are Pharaoh’s Ants, Argentine Ants and Ghost Ants. Please contact us for assistance if you suspect you have any of the above.


Wasps are active during the summer months and can be very annoying when trying to enjoy the sun, with a chance they might sting you if they feel threatened. If a wasps nest is disturbed the wasps can attack in large numbers. This can be dangerous as some people can suffer an allergic reaction. An average wasps nest will contain up to 3,000 wasps by late Summer. Wasps will build a nest almost anywhere such as cavity walls, roof spaces, sheds and even under ground. Dealing with a wasps nest is strongly advised to only be carried out by a professional pest controller.


There are several species of bees that are common in the UK, such as honey bees, masonry/mining bees and bumble bees, all bees are beneficial insects and great pollinators. Bees are not aggressive unless the colony is disturbed. In some cases bees will establish themselves within your property, we work closely with the local Bee Keepers Association and abide by the current legislation in dealing with honey bees. An average honeybee swarm can contain between 3-5,000 bees. Honey bees can occupy a cavity within a property (chimney or wall cavity) for up to 20 years and colonies can grow to numbers of 30-50,000 bees.


If you have a problem with flies in your property, please call us for a positive identification, this can be key to treatment. There are thousands of different fly species that can invade the home or business, for example, Blue/Green bottle flies in large numbers can indicate a decaying animal carcass. Flies carry thousands of diseases and can spread bacteria and contamination on to all surfaces. Other common fly species we deal with regularly are cluster flies and drainage flies.


Grey squirrels are known to build nests in the roof space of both domestic and commercial buildings as they offer a warm, dry area to raise their young. This can be a problem as squirrels make a lot of noise and can cause extensive damage internally to your property. The major issue with squirrels is they will gnaw through electrical wiring, pipework and timberwork within the roof space. Squirrels have up to two litters per year and will produce an average of 3 young per litter. If you suspect you have squirrels please call us on 01604 636160 for a fast, professional service.


Mice, like rats, are a major health hazard. They are responsible for the spread of many diseases and contaminate all areas they access with their urine, droppings and fur. Mice can also cause structural damage to your property, gnawing through wiring, pipework and other materials. Mice will establish themselves very quickly within your property having up to six litters a year, potentially up to 20 young each litter. If you suspect you have a mouse infestation, please call us on the above number for a professional and discreet service.


The Brown Rat is the most common species of Rat found in the UK, rats are known for spreading diseases such as Leptospirosis or Weil’s disease, Salmonella and Listeria, plus damaging property. Contrary to belief, rats will occupy any building, regardless of condition, new or old, providing they have easy access to food and a water supply, safe undisturbed shelter and a warm environment to establish a nest for breeding. If you suspect you have a vermin issue, call us for a fast, discreet, professional service.