As the Summer starts to arrive, you may have noticed more insects in your garden, especially wasps, these stinging creatures of the insect world can be annoying and a hazard, Abington Pest Control can give professional advice and assistance on removing wasps and their nests, we follow training guidelines to ensure you are kept safe whilst working and we ensure there is no risk to you or our personnel whilst carrying out the works.  The price we quote is the price you pay, no hidden extras, plus elimination of the nest is guaranteed.

Frequently Asked Questions:-

  • Do wasps nests continue through the Winter?No, the worker wasps in the nest will all die off naturally by December, the new queens that have hatched (approx. 100-150 queen wasps) will vacate the nest and hibernate until the Spring.
  • Do wasps die when they sting?No, only the female wasps sting and they can do so, repeatedly.
  • Will wasps come back again next year?Wasps will not use the same nest twice, if you get a nest the following year, it could mean that one of the queen wasps from the old nest has hibernated and made a new nest very close by.
  • What is the purpose of wasps; do they do any good?Wasps, like bees, are pollinators of flowers and plants, they also need to catch insects to feed the wasp grubs within the nest, they are predators of other insects and keep midges and greenfly, etc under control.
  • How many wasps will be in the nest?By the end of Summer there could be up to 3,000 wasps within a nest, a wasps nest can grow as big as a dustbin by the end of the season.
  • What is the nest made of?The nest is constructed from wood pulp, this is collected by the worker wasps removing a thin veneer of weathered timber from your garden, the wasps roll up the veneer between the head and the thorax, return to the nest and add saliva to the timber and produce paper/wood pulp which is then added to the nest to build it.
  • Does the nest need to be removed after treatment?Once the colony has been eradicated from the nest, the nest will contain the dead wasps and therefore the nest is no longer a danger.  The nest can be left as once it is dead, it’s never reused, the nest will biodegrade over several years.


Please call Abington Pest Control on Northampton 01604 636160 for help and advice on removing a wasps nest, we cover all the Northamptonshire areas and we would strongly advise you do not attempt to treat a wasps nest yourself, wasps will attack in large numbers when disturbed, it is best left to the professionals.